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Internet for private customers

Flatrate everywhere via Satellite

Television & Telephony incl.

incl. Telephony Flatrate

up to 50 Mbit fast

free hardware rent

Internet for business use & companys

Fast, secure and everywhere

Hybride backup solutions

more static IP's possible

50 Mbit down und 6 Mbit up

higher service quality

NewsSpotter PRO via KA-SAT

IP SNG Service

dedicated, reliable, mobile

10 Mbit upload

small autopointing antennas

no monthly costs

Satellite Service and services

For ISP's & Resellers

white label platform

create your own tariffs

billing in your CI design

1.st/ 2.nd level Support


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Internet via Satllite - 50 Mbit now fast and everywhere available

  • Private Flatrate

    € 39.90 per month
    • bis zu 6 Mbit up & 50 Mbit down
    • real Flatrate
    • via Satellite
    • now and everywhere available
    • Telephony included
    • no hardware rental fee
  • Flexible tariff

    € 15.90 per month
    • bis zu 5 Mbit up & 50 Mbit down
    • flexible depending on usage
    • via Satellite
    • now and everywhere available
    • No onetime fee
    • no hardware rental fee
  • Business Hybrid

    € 15.90 per month
    • bis zu 6 Mbit up & 50 Mbit down
    • ideal for Backup
    • combined with DSL or other internet
    • fixed public IP adress
    • High service quality
    • 24/7 support
  • Business Basis/ PRO

    € 54.90 per month
    • bis zu 10 Mbit up & 50 Mbit down
    • High service quality
    • via Satellite
    • now and everywhere available
    • fixed public IP adress
    • low hardware fee

Manufacturer & Partners

EUSANET - Your internet solution and service provider

You are looking for an alternative to DSL, LTE- or fiber internet connections? Fast internet via satellite connections are available everywhere!

EUSANET GmbH provides the alternative to DSL-connections in Germany and everywhere in Europe – internet via satellite. With these high performing satellite internet connections you can reach up to 50 Mbit/s in every region.

For consumer, business or even for whole communities – EUSANET provides the fitting solution and tariff for every demand. The installation and pointing of the internet via satellite antenna is easy, just takes a short amount of time and is possible everywhere (you just need free sight @ 9° east). You can also receive normal satellite TV through this little antenna and use it for telephony too – so you are provided with a complete solution and don’t need any further providers. A flatrate for telephony is included in most tariffs.

Internet via satellite means fast internet for everyone – simple and all hardware and services are provided by one hand.

Contact us! We are looking forward to provide you with any advice you request.