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Low Energy LPWAN data transfer

IoT GPS solutions

Car Dealer Alarm Solution

Vehicle data transmission

In-/Outdoor Tracking

Vehicle fleet management

Tracking pets via GPS

IoT platform Sigfox & mobile compatible

mobile App/ Capable browser

Sensor data


Smoke- / fire alarms

Motion detector

Alarm control center

NewsSpotter PRO via KA-SAT

IP SNG Service

guaranteed, reliable, mobile

10 Mbit up-/download

dedicated bandwidth

small automatic antennas

no monthly costs

Internet via satellite fast and everywhere

For private and business use

Flatrates up to 50 Mbit

Autom. backup solutions

TV & Internet with 1 antenna

Telephony (VoIP) included

Immediately & everywherer


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Internet via Satllite - 50 Mbit immediately and everywhere available

  • Private Flatrate

    € 29.90 per month
    • bis zu 6 Mbit up & 50 Mbit down
    • real Flatrate
    • via Satellite
    • now and everywhere available
    • Telephony included
    • no hardware rental fee
  • Flexible tariff

    € 15.90 per month
    • bis zu 5 Mbit up & 50 Mbit down
    • flexible depending on usage
    • via Satellite
    • now and everywhere available
    • No onetime fee
    • no hardware rental fee
  • Business Hybrid

    € 15.90 per month
    • bis zu 6 Mbit up & 50 Mbit down
    • ideal for Backup
    • combined with DSL or other internet
    • fixed public IP adress
    • High service quality
    • 24/7 support
  • Business Basis/ PRO

    € 54.90 per month
    • bis zu 10 Mbit up & 50 Mbit down
    • High service quality
    • via Satellite
    • now and everywhere available
    • fixed public IP adress
    • low hardware fee

Manufacturer & Partners

EUSANET - Your internet solution and service provider

You are looking for an alternative to DSL, LTE- or fiber internet connections? Fast internet via satellite connections are available everywhere!

EUSANET GmbH provides the alternative to DSL-connections in Germany and everywhere in Europe – internet via satellite. With these high performing satellite internet connections you can reach up to 50 Mbit/s in every region.

For consumer, business or even for whole communities – EUSANET provides the fitting solution and tariff for every demand. The installation and pointing of the internet via satellite antenna is easy, just takes a short amount of time and is possible everywhere (you just need free sight @ 9° east). You can also receive normal satellite TV through this little antenna and use it for telephony too – so you are provided with a complete solution and don’t need any further providers. A flatrate for telephony is included in most tariffs.

Internet via satellite means fast internet for everyone – simple and all hardware and services are provided by one hand.

Contact us! We are looking forward to provide you with any advice you request.


IoT and M2M solutions via LPWAN

EUSANET GmbH is your partner for IoT (Internet of things) and M2M solutions (machine to machine).

Many of the future connected devices in the Internet of Things require only a small bandwidth, since they only need to transfer small amounts of data. The conventional mobile radio systems and other Internet technologies are therefore too complex, too expensive and have a too high power consumption for many of these applications. Take advantage of the low power area network (LPWAN) technology to transmit e.g. Sensor data. Are you looking for a partner who can develop and install a special solution for you as well as provide access to a suitable and highly available LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) network?
Do not hesitate to contact us with your idea, we will gladly work out a solution for you.